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Discover the Mystical Beauty of Al-Azhar Park, Cairo

Jan 2
Al-Azhar Park is a stunning and mystical park located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. This lush, green oasis is a place of beauty and tranquillity, offering visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park was created in 1985 by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) with the aim of restoring and revitalising Cairo's historic Islamic quarter.
Al-Azhar Park is spread over 80 hectares and is home to various plants, trees and flowers. The park also features several fountains, ponds, waterfalls and streams that give it an air of serenity. Several monuments are scattered throughout the park, including a replica of the Al-Azhar Mosque that dates back to 972 AD.
The park is a popular destination for locals and tourists who enjoy its lush gardens and tranquil atmosphere. Visitors can participate in bird watching or relax by one of the many fountains or ponds. There are plenty of cafes in the park where visitors can grab a bite or sit back and view the view.
One of Al-Azhar Park's most popular attractions is its light show which takes place every evening at sunset. This spectacular display features thousands of colourful lights that dance across the sky, creating an enchanting atmosphere that will mesmerise you. The show is accompanied by traditional Egyptian music, which adds to its magical charm.
Al-Azhar Park also offers plenty for children to do with its playgrounds, climbing frames and swings, providing hours of fun for little ones. Several educational programmes are also available for children that teach them about Egyptian culture through interactive activities such as storytelling sessions and craft workshops. 
The park has become an important cultural centre in Cairo with its numerous events such as concerts, festivals and art exhibitions taking place throughout the year. It has also become a popular spot for weddings, with couples choosing to tie the knot amidst its lush gardens or beneath its twinkling night sky during one of its light shows. 
Al-Azhar Park allows visitors to experience Cairo's rich history while enjoying all that nature has to offer in one beautiful space. It truly is a magical place that will refresh you after your visit!